• Tarot ZYX-BD 2.4GBluetooth Data link for ZYX-M ZYX27

Tarot ZYX-BD 2.4GBluetooth Data link for ZYX-M ZYX27

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product manual
    The ZYX-BD 2.4G Bluetooth digital transmission module launched by Tarot has a digital transmission distance of up to 1.5 kilometers. It is specially developed for the ZYX-M flight control system. The exclusive ground station APP software is designed for the aircraft to be over-the-horizon flight control. On the basis of enjoying the stable flight that ZYX-M brings to you, liberate the cumbersome control of your remote control, touch the screen, and follow the flight, the flight control experience is between a "point".
Product Features
    Tarot APP provides user-friendly interface design, supports Chinese and English, supports two map orientations, supports real-time power display, and real-time flight attitude feedback, so that users can know the flight status well. According to the real-time flight demand, the editing route can be set, and the over-the-horizon autonomous flight will be achieved!

◆ Support one-button take-off & landing, provide three return point settings, intelligent return, novices can fly as you like;
◆ Provide four follow-up modes to capture your figure carefully;
◆ Provide three navigation modes, which are convenient and intuitive and can be edited again, making your route setting more precise and simple!

The use of the Tarot Technology APP is subject to the following conditions: Android OS version 4.3 and above and Bluetooth 4.0 (iOS system later introduced);
The mobile phone and the ground-end digital transmission module are kept within 0.5 m to keep the signal stable;
The ZYX-BD Bluetooth data transmission must be used in conjunction with the ZYX-M flight control system.

Product specifications
Tarot 2.4G Bluetooth digital transmission ground end equipment (58.78 × 49 × 18.4mm 43.2g) × 1
Tarot 2.4G Bluetooth Digital Sky Device (40×20.3×1.1mm 5.6g)×1
Tarot 5.8G antenna ×1 (115.5mm 9.9g)
Sky end device connection ZYX-M flight control wiring ×1


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