• tarot MT2208Ⅲ Brushless motor CW/CCW TL400H12  TL400H13
  • tarot MT2208Ⅲ Brushless motor CW/CCW TL400H12  TL400H13

tarot MT2208Ⅲ Brushless motor CW/CCW TL400H12 TL400H13

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Product Description:

  • The heat dissipation of the brushless motor is self-evident, the major brands have their own design forms, each has advantages and disadvantages. Fan type cooling method is the most effective way, but it is very difficult to manufacture.
  • Based on the disadvantages of traditional motor cooling system, TAROT to exquisite CNC metal processing technology, to create a series of 22 fan type brushless motor, solved the problem of heat dissipation of the motor in the best way, effectively enhance the conversion efficiency of the motor.
  • MT2208 Tarot III -1500KV fan brushless motor suitable for 280/300 and other types of multi axis through the machine. MT2208 no center of gravity of the brush motor is extremely low, the 0.20mm ultra-thin high efficiency silicon steel sheet, primary axis propeller clamp structure) the concentricity can be assured of the best. The upper cover of the fan type motor has a high efficiency active bulk pad design, which means higher working efficiency with lower working temperature.
  • MT2208 III brushless motor with excellent dynamic balance performance, the whole system before the shipment are all tested by high-precision dynamic balance tester, to ensure the stability of the motor running. The base of the motor is installed with a hole 16MM/19MM, which is compatible with the current mainstream frame installation in the market. The appearance of the motor is consistent with the traditional motor, and the height of the suspension is protected from the coil.
  • The State Intellectual Property Office has been awarded the product patent TAROT HM Co. ltd.. Any unit or individual not by holders of authorization, manufacturing, copy, use, the sale of infringing the products will face patent infringement litigation.

Product parameters:

  • Support lithium section number: 3S
  • Propeller shaft mounting diameter: 5MM
  • Propeller: 6-7 inch propeller
  • Stator diameter: 22MM
  • No load current: 0.4A-0.8A
  • Stator end thickness: 8.0
  • Stator end number: 12
  • Motor poles number: 14
  • Speed: 1500KV ± 5%
  • Motor external diameter: 28MM
  • Axis diameter: 3MM
  • Motor height: 38MM
  • Motor weight: 34G


  • MT2208 III self locking  motor /B x 1
  • M2.5 * 5MM cup head six angle screws * 4
  • 7 inch blade / pair / Black

  • CW