• Tarot MT1104-4000KV Motor / TL150M1

Tarot MT1104-4000KV Motor / TL150M1

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Product Description:

  • Tarot MT1104-4000K brushless motor suitable for 120/130 and other multi-axis machine through the high-end configuration, the proposed four-axis flight control weight of 180 g (single pull up to 120 grams). MT1104 brushless motor extremely low center of gravity, using 0.20mm ultra-thin high-efficiency silicon steel (primary propeller shaft folder structure) so that it can get the best concentricity guaranteed. A highly efficient bulk active pad designed to achieve lower operating temperature means higher productivity. 
  • MT2204 brushless motor with excellent balancing performance, base mounting holes motor 9MM, compatible with mainstream rack-mount on the market today, retain the appearance and consistency of conventional motor, high floating coil protection.

Product parameters: 

  • Number of battery sections support: 3S 
  • Installation paddle diameter: 5MM 
  • Propeller: two 3-inch blade turbine TL150S1 / TL150S2 
  • Stator diameter: 11MM 
  • Stator end thickness: 4.0 
  • Stator end: 9 
  • Motor poles: 12 
  • Speed: 4000KV ± 5% 
  • Outside motor diameter: 14MM 
  • Axial Diameter: 1.5MM 
  • Motor height: 17.5MM 
  • Motor Weight: 5.3G


  • MT1104 brushless motor (Φ14 × 12.5mm) × 1 
  • M2 × 6MM round head sleeve screws × 2 
  •  M2 × 4MM cup head Hexagon Screws × 2 
  • 3-inch blade turbine / pair 

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