• steam miao 600 PRO machine version MK6PRO

steam miao 600 PRO machine version MK6PRO

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Tarot 600PRO整机版  MK6PRO



    Please download the manual for assembly this helicopter. 

说明书下载 Manual download

600 Specifications&Equipment
600 规格配置
Height/机身高: 325mm
Main Blade Length/主旋翼长:600~620mm
Main Rotor Diameter/主旋翼直径:1350mm
Tail Rotor Diameter/尾旋翼直径:258mm
Motor Drive Gear/马达齿轮:12T
Main Drive Gear/主齿轮:106T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear/尾驱动主齿:42T
Tail Drive Gear/尾传动齿:9T
Drive Gear Ratio/齿轮传动比:8.83:1:4.66
Weight(No power system)/空机重:(Come with propeller/包含浆)Approx.1650g

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