• Tarot 550 Dedicated Outer Tote Bag / Orange TL2691-02

Tarot 550 Dedicated Outer Tote Bag / Orange TL2691-02

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product manual:
Suitable for all types of Tarot 550 series models. Tailored for each Tarot 550 series model
Special tote bag made of high-grade waterproof canvas, inner layer covered with pearl cotton, anti-collision foam
Shock absorption, plus thick bottom layer, the fabric as a whole reaches 5MM thickness, this advanced tote bag is different from the past
The product is ideal for use in the field and provides excellent protection for helicopters.
Tote bag works better with the following products
● Portable remote control protective bag: suitable for all kinds of remote control, intimate devil sticky design, can be fixed
In the tote bag.
●Lithium battery protection bag: can accommodate multiple lithium batteries at the same time, intimate devil sticky design, can be fixed in the hand
Inside the bag.
●Thickening tool bag: suitable for assembling all kinds of flying supplies and tools, easy to use.
Before placing the helicopter, please confirm that the helicopter and remote control power supply have been turned off to avoid inadvertent
Unnecessary accidental losses.
Product specifications:
●TAROT-550 tote bag / black x 1 (116x25.5x36.5cm)
● Weight: 1. 2KG
Optional use:
● Portable remote control protective bag x 1 (23x10x28cm)
●Lithium battery storage bag*1 (18x5x14.0cm)
●Thickening tool bag*1
Instructions for use:
1: Please close the main rotor of the helicopter and fix it to the main rotor mount.
2: There is a balance wing model, please loosen the balance wing fixing screw first, and the balance wing
Push to the bottom of the fuselage and then lock it to the top of the main rotor.
3: First put the helicopter head into the tote bag, adjust the appropriate position, then
The remote control and the battery protection bag are fixed in the bag, and finally placed in the tool bag, and the zipper can be closed.

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