• Tarot 12A Mini ESC (with BEC) TL300G1

Tarot 12A Mini ESC (with BEC) TL300G1

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Product description:
This product is through machine specially developed a high performance electric adjustment for in the market all kinds of aeromodelling non brush motor, easy to use, without special set can be assured use. The use of low impedance thick copper foil PCB (printed circuit board), has the strong ability of over current. Supports all the models in the market with the remote control, the default is automatically adapted to the remote control, without the need to set up the players can be good use.
If you need to manually set the throttle travel: (connected motor, receiver, please do not be electrically adjustable power supply is switched on, the push rod of the remote control throttle play to maximum position, and then is connected with the remote control power, motor emitted a musical tone, immediately followed by a short "beep" sound, the remote control the throttle to the minimum position, then the motor emitted two short and one long "beep", set the stroke end).
To achieve the light, let through the machine get longer loiter time, we have to electrically adjustable parameters of curing, cannot be modified.
Product parameters:
1, output capacity: continuous current 12A, short term current 15A (not less than 10 seconds)
2, the power input: 2 - 3 lithium batteries or 5 - 9 Ni MH / Ni Cd battery group
3, BEC output: 5V/1A (linear voltage mode mode Linear)
4, throttle signal frequency range (rate Refresh): 50Hz - 432Hz
5, the highest speed: 2 pole motor 210000 / min, 6 pole motor 70000 / min, 12 pole motor 35000 rpm
6, size: 26mm (long) x 16mm (wide) x 8mm (high);
7, weight: 6G (including heat sink)
8, throttle stroke: automatic
9, low power protection threshold: 2.7V/ section
10, low power protection mode: flexible power down
11, brake setting: no brake
12, start setting: ordinary
13, PWM frequency: 8K
Product specifications:
12A Tarot mini (BEC) x 1

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