• Hobbywing Sky-walker-40A ESC TL2762

Hobbywing Sky-walker-40A ESC TL2762

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1 Product specifications
1.1 Output capacity: continuous current 40A, short-time current 55A (not less than 10 seconds);
1.2 Power input: 2-3 lithium battery packs or 5-9 nickel-metal hydride/nickel-cadmium battery packs;
1.3 BEC output: [email=5v@3]5v@3[/email]v (linear regulator mode-linear mode);
1.4 Maximum speed: 210,000 rpm for 2-pole motor, 7000 rpm for 6-pole motor and 35,000 rpm for 12-pole motor;
1.5 Dimensions: 68mm (length) * 25mm (width) * 8mm (height);
1.6 weight: 35g;

2 Product Features Introduction
2.1 Safe power-on function: When the power is turned on, the motor will not be started immediately regardless of the throttle stick in any position to avoid personal injury;
2.2 Throttle stroke calibration function: adapt to the difference of throttle stroke of different remote controllers and improve the linearity of throttle response;
2.3 Program setting items (can be set by remote control throttle stick or LED parameter setting card):
●Brake setting: no brake / brake;
●Battery type: lithium battery / nickel hydrogen;
● Low voltage protection mode: soft shutdown / hard shutdown;
● Low voltage protection threshold: low / medium / high;
● Start mode: normal / soft / super soft start;
●Advance angle: low / medium / high;
● Restore factory defaults;
2.4 Comprehensive protection features:
● Undervoltage protection: set by the user through the program, when the battery voltage is lower than the protection threshold, the ESC automatically reduces the output power;
●Overvoltage protection: the input voltage exceeds the input allowable range. It is not activated, and it automatically protects and sends a short “哔哔” alarm tone;
●Overheat protection: Built-in temperature detection circuit automatically reduces the output power when the ESC temperature is too high;
● Remote control signal loss protection: the remote control signal loses power after 1 second, and the output is turned off after 2 seconds without remote control signal;

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