• Hobbywing 60A V4 ESC TL2898

Hobbywing 60A V4 ESC TL2898

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1. Use high-performance microprocessors running at up to 70MHz for superior fixed speed and slow start performance.
2. The microprocessor uses an independent voltage regulator IC to supply power, which has better anti-interference ability and greatly reduces the possibility of loss of control.
3. Adopting synchronous rectification drive efficiency optimization technology [DEO-Driving Efficiency Optimization] The throttle response is faster, the drive efficiency is higher, and the ESC temperature is lower.
4. Using the new high-power switching regulator BEC, the output voltage is adjustable between 5-8V, and the instantaneous output current is increased to 18A.
5. The BEC module and the ESC other circuits are independent of each other. When the ESC power board is burned and other faults, the BEC normal output is guaranteed to the maximum, and the opportunity for saving is provided.
6. There are 4 flight modes of "fixed wing mode / helicopter linear throttle mode / helicopter fixed speed (elf) mode / helicopter fixed speed storage mode".
7. Using the new helicopter constant speed program, the fixed speed sensitivity is adjustable, easy to operate, with excellent fixed speed effect, and the large paddle speed is stable under the condition of sudden load change.
8. With flight data recording function, it can record the minimum voltage, maximum temperature data and calibration speed of the current flight.
9. With the flameout and landing protection time selection function, the flameout and landing process can be manually interrupted during the protection time and the motor can be restarted quickly to avoid crashing due to mishandling.
10. With speed [RPM] signal output interface;
11. With independent parameter setting interface, it is used to connect the LCD programming setting box. The setting box has a simple and intuitive interface, which is convenient for setting and modifying the ESC parameters (see the box of the setting box for details).
12. Support WIFI wireless tuning, all parameters can be set through the mobile phone [Apple, Android] software [requires WI FI module]
13. Support online reading, set ESC parameters, view speed curve table [Storage mode] Upgrade ESC firmware [requires LCD parameter setting box or WIFI module]
14. With start protection / temperature protection / capacitor temperature protection / overload protection / throttle signal loss protection, input voltage abnormal protection multiple protection functions, effectively extend the life of the ESC.

Product parameters:
Continuous current: 60A
Instantaneous current: 80A
BEC output: switching regulator BEC, 5v/-8v adjustable [adjustment amplitude is 0.1V per order] output current lasts 7A, instantaneous 18A
Input voltage: 3-6s lithium battery
Independent parameter interface: used to connect LCD parameter setting box or WI FI module
Throttle signal / BEC output / RPM signal transmission line; white for the throttle signal line / red and black two-color line for the BEC output line / yellow for the RPM signal transmission line
Input/output line; input 14AWG, output 14AWG

Product specifications:
Volume: 48x30x15.5mm (length x width x height) 49G

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